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Exhibitor List


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# Company Stand Country
1 Afriflower PLC A3.04 Ethiopia
2 Aggarwal Corrukrafts Pvt Ltd. A3.11 India
3 Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) A3.17 Ethiopia
4 Al Zayat Carton Products A5.17 UAE
5 Almeta Implex A3.35 Ethiopia
6 Alwaffa Carton A4.11 UEA
7 AQ Roses A1.14 Ethiopia
8 Asella Flowers Farm PLC A4.06 Ethiopia
9 Asthor Agricola S.A A4.15 Spain
10 Astunet Business Enterprises A6.11 Ethiopia
11 Azrom A2.17 Israel
12 Balton Ethiopia A2.14 Ethiopia
13 BASF Vegetable Seeds Ethiopia A4.07 Ethiopia
14 Bayer A1.10 Kenya
15 Celtic Cooling A4.10 Holland
16 CU Ethiopia Inspection and Certification A2.04 Ethiopia
17 De Ruiter Innovations A2.07 Holland
18 Dudutech Integrated Pest Management A7.04 Kenya
19 East African Business Company A7.08 Kenya
20 East African Packaging Industries A2.22 Kenya
21 Ecospray A4.25 United Kingdom
22 Elgon Kenya Ltd. A4.17 Kenya
23 Elite Agro A4.22 Ethiopia
24 Enyi General Business A4.26 Ethiopia
25 Ethio-Agriceft plc. A3.06 Ethiopia
26 Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) A5.02 Ethiopia
27 Exome Holdings Pte Ltd. A4.02 Singapore
28 Flowerport A2.05 Ethiopia
29 Friendship Flowers PLC (Qualirosa) A6.02 Ethiopia
30 Gallica Flowers A1.08 Ethiopia
31 Greenlife Trading A5.16 Ethiopia
32 Hansa Flowers A6.04 Ethiopia
33 Haygrove Tunnels A4.16 United Kingdom
34 Hortus Supplies International A1.02 Holland
35 Jordan River Herbs PLC A2.25 Ethiopia
36 Klaver Flowers A5.10 Ethiopia
37 Koga Veg Agricultural Development Plc. A4.34 Ethiopia
38 Linssen Roses A1.16 Ethiopia
39 Manuchar Agro A1.05 Belgium
40 Maranque Plants A3.29 Ethiopia
41 Marginpar Ethiopia A5.15 Ethiopia
42 Metrolux Flowers A1.03 Ethiopia
43 Minaye Flowers Plc. A3.03 Ethiopia
44 Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) A3.17 Ethiopia
45 MPS A4.23 Holland
46 ND Project A2.27 Israel
47 Oboya Africa Ltd. A1,04 Kenya
48 Rainbow Colors PLC A5.11 Ethiopia
49 Red Fox Ethiopia A5.14 Ethiopia
50 Roshanara Roses A2.02 Ethiopia
51 Royal Dutch Embassy A2.01 Holland
52 Royal FloraHolland A3.07 Ethiopia
53 Samore Flower Farm A1.18 Ethiopia
54 Sher Ethiopia A3.10 Ethiopia
55 Syngenta A4.24 Ethiopia
56 Tana Flora PLC A3.14 Ethiopia
57 Tinaw Business Share Company A6.08 Ethiopia
58 Velvin Paper Products A2.11 India
59 We Africa Ltd. A5.06 Israel
60 Yassin Legesse Johnson Flower Farm A4.14 Ethiopia
61 Ziway Rose PLC A2.23 Ethiopia
62 ZK Flower A3.02 Ethiopia
63 Zuqualla Horti A3.15 Ethiopia



Wednesday March 8, 2023
10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
Thursday March 9, 2023
10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
Friday March 10, 2023
10:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.

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