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Zimbabwean horticulture continuing efforts to put itself on the map

The 2nd edition of the HORTIFLOR EXPO in Zimbabwe is scheduled to take place in Harare this coming September. The exhibition is set for Monday September 16 to Wednesday September 18 and will be held again at the Convention center of the Rainbow Towers Hotel.

Since the first edition, held last year in October, the Zimbabwean horticulture industry has gained strength. The results of the first expo were satisfactory enough to continue to go for a second edition this year. Increasing interest to participate, especially interest coming from Zimbabwean horticulture companies, will make the exhibition grow this year, is the expectation of the organizers.

The flower growers association EFGAZ got itself officially established earlier this year and is experiencing a steady growing number of members. Around 50 existing and start up growers registered themselves already in the past 6 months. With currently about 100 flower growers in Zimbabwe, the Association is well on its way to become a leading force within the Zimbabwean floriculture industry.

It looks like Zimbabwe has committed itself to put itself on the map again as a major exporter of fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits, like once before.

This coming Wednesday May 8th a stake holders meeting organized by EFGAZ will be held in the Rainbow Towers Hotel. The purpose of the get together is to discuss several important topics, among others, the challenges, threats and opportunities of the Zimbabwean horticulture sector and issues with regards to the recent monetary policies on the handling of export proceeds. All is meant to contribute to the growth of horticulture and floriculture and bringing it to the next level.


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Tuesday Sept. 14, 2021
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