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Roses Forever sees demand for Infinity pot roses rising

“This line saves the grower 3 weeks in production time”. With the current energy crisis, growers are looking for alternative and more effective energy consumption solutions. Besides all the technical options available, changing crops is also something many growers are considering. And rose breeder Rosa Eskelund of Roses Forever is recognizing this trend in the increasing demand for her Infinity pot roses. “This line requires only one cut and is therefore finished three weeks earlier than many other pot roses.”

Anders Eskelund, Rosa’s son, at the IFTF 2021 in Vijfhuizen with the Infinity line of pot roses. 

Anders Eskelund, Rosa’s son, at the IFTF 2021 in Vijfhuizen with the Infinity line of pot roses.

Not only the production time is key for the success of this line, but also the characteristics of the plant, she stresses. “The varieties have large, long-lasting flowers, which increases the sales opportunities. Infinity is a luxurious potted rose, but easy to grow.”

The White Infinity & Princess of Infinity  
Queen of Infinity  
Infinity roses in the greenhouse.

The new addition to the range is ‘Yellow Infinity.’ “Many growers are looking for a good yellow variety, and we are therefore very pleased that we now have one.” The first varieties will be commercially grown by one of their licensed growers in the Netherlands, and over the autumn, she expects to have enough cutting material to deliver to their other licensed producers in Japan, China, Malaysia, and Norway.

The newest: Yellow Infinity 
King of Infinity 
Pink Infinity 
Roots of Infinity roses

Eager to meet them?
Eager to see the Infinity roses and meet the Roses Forever team? At the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands, that will take place from November 9-11, they will be showcasing their varieties at booth B2.24.



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