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Growing interest for exhibit space at World Floral Expo 2019 in Dallas, TX.

Dallas, Friday January 25th, 2019. World Floral Expo’s demand for exhibit space is growing. Until today 45 companies, mainly flower growers, have signed up and it is to be expected that this number will continue to increase. Texas is a rich state and consumption of flowers is high. Therefore Dallas was chosen as next destination, after having touched down last year in Chicago for the 2nd time in 4 years.

The recently started direct flights between Kenya and USA, have surely contributed to the number of Kenyan growers that will exhibit this year in Dallas. The Kenyan Flower Council will be present with a country pavilion, as well as flower growers from Kenya that will exhibit on an individual basis. Also Ecuador has as always a respectful number of Ecuadorian flower growers displaying at this year’s WFE. CalFlowers is also organizing a collective growers pavilion, besides several Californian floral growers that are presenting themselves through individual booths.

This year’s cooperation with the Dallas Market Center (the venue where the trade show will be hold), on the marketing aspect of the trade show, will surely attract many floral trade visitors to attend from Texas and surrounding states. Also the close cooperation with US Flower Expert J Schwanke, who will present 2 programs during the show, i.e. “Flower trends for 2019 and “Creating a Life in Bloom”, will encourage great trade attendance as well. Also the floral workshops given by a Dutch flower design team are expected to attract extra floral business visitors.


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