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Fresh Produce Africa (FPA)

Published: July 3, 2024

International Trade Fair for the African Fruit & Vegetable Industry
Wednesday, March 12 – Friday, March 14, 2025
Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Fresh Produce Africa (FPA) is a newly launched international trade fair dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry, set to take place in Kenya. This event aims to become a major platform for Africa’s fruit and vegetable sector, offering opportunities to explore new markets, production technologies, and business relationships.

Event Highlights:

  • Showcase and Networking: Growers will have the chance to display a wide variety of fresh produce and products to buyers and traders, fostering relationships with both existing and new customers.
  • Innovation and Technology: Suppliers will present the latest technical innovations in production, harvesting, cooling, packaging, labeling, transportation, and processing tools and techniques for fruits and vegetables.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned in Kenya, FPA serves as a gateway to Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, aiming to become the leading trading platform for Africa’s fruit and vegetable industry.

Global Participation:

FPA is designed as a purely trade-focused event, attracting exhibitors and visitors from Kenya and around the world. It aims to create a dynamic business environment for all participants across the entire value chain, strengthening Kenya’s position as a key producer and exporter of fruits and vegetables on the African continent.

Event Details:

  • Location: Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dates: Wednesday, March 12 – Friday, March 14, 2025

A comprehensive promotional campaign, both nationally and internationally, will be conducted to attract a significant number of trade visitors.

We invite you to join us as an exhibitor at this exciting new international trade fair, promoting the production and export of African fruits and vegetables.

Contact Information:

Best regards,

Dick van Raamsdonk
General Director
HPP Worldwide



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Wednesday March 12, 2025
Show Hours
10:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.
Thursday March 13, 2025
Show Hours
10:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.
Friday March 14, 2025
Show Hours
10:00 hrs. - 16:00 hrs.

Sarit Expo Centre
Pio Gama Pinto, Sarit Centre, Karuna Rd.

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