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Sustainability Advancements in the Global Cut Flower Industry

On Monday, June 3, 2024, an international conference will be organized to discuss the latest developments in sustainability within the international cut flower industry and the urgency of addressing it to all flower buyers around the world. It is imperative that a unified and unequivocal message is conveyed regarding the realities of cut flower cultivation and its sustainability. The cut flower industry’s reputation is at risk due to the absence of a collective response thus far, compounded by the proliferation of misinformation.

The repercussions of this reputational challenge are growing steadily, and there is a legitimate concern that they may reach a critical point beyond recovery. Consequently, the global industry must take action promptly to rectify this situation before it becomes irreversible. To this end, a conference discussion will be held at the conference hall of the Oshwal Center, the same venue for the 11th edition of IFTEX in Nairobi Kenya, one day prior to the official opening of IFTEX 2024, which is scheduled at 11:00 am on Monday June 3rd.

Additional information on the conference program, discussion topics, attendance policy, and more will soon be available on the IFTEX 2024 website.




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Tuesday June 4, 2024
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Wednesday June 5, 2024
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Thursday June 6, 2024
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