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IFTEX 2024 Comes up and myThursd Will Be There as Well

Published: May 3, 2024

An occasion whose benefits are infinite, not just for the flower industry but also for individual attendees.

If you’re a flower or plant breeder, grower, logistics provider, florist, floral designer, influencer, or any other integral part of the vast floral ecosystem, then your presence at the 2024 International Floriculture Trade Expo (IFTEX) – which runs from June 4-6 in Nairobi – is an absolute must. This floral fair has established itself as a key event in the international floriculture calendar, attracting industry players, flower enthusiasts, and even curious attendees. It is an event through which connections are forged, knowledge is shared, and the future of the floral industry is shaped.

This year’s event is hardly different from any other previous ones, and in attending it, not only will you have the opportunity to mingle and network with the very best in the global flower trade, but you’ll also be precisely at the center of the action and dynamics of this floral event. You’ll have the unique opportunity to dive right into the very heart of new developments, innovations, and trends that shape the flower world. And one of those innovations is myThursd, the new kid on the block whose influence right now is more than palpable. myThursd is a part of the Thursd eco-system, you can read about the two in this article: ‘Thursd and myThursd, What is the Difference?’

Thursd and myThursd at the Core of Floral Connections at IFTEX 2024

IFTEX, according to the event’s coordinator, Dick van Raamsdonk, the CEO of HPP Exhibitions, a renowned event organizer known for hosting exhibitions that focus on horticulture and flowers, offers a platform for highlighting Kenya’s role as a key player in the global flower industry. The occasion’s benefits are infinite, not just for the flower industry but also for individual attendees.

And thus, as the flower world gathers in Nairobi for this year’s floral fair, the team of myThursd will also be there; making its debut in the global flower showcase, where the new platform is more than ready to demonstrate its power and the innumerable opportunities it presents. 

Even though quite a significant number of people already know about the platform, IFTEX is expected to present a superior stage where attendees will have the chance to explore the myThursd ecosystem and what the platform is all about, discover the latest trends and products, and forge vital connections that can transform their flower businesses.

Floral designer Katya Hutter who is on myThursd.
Photo by @katyahutterfloraldesign

In that regard, and given that IFTEX is one of the leading platforms where the flower industry’s movers and shakers converge and engage with each other, myThursd is, essentially, delighted to be a part of the congregation, driven by its objective of igniting a spark and fanning the flames of floral collaborations and innovation that will, ultimately, light up and ripple throughout the entire global floral community.

Are You Ready to Join myThursd? Here’s Why You Should

It doesn’t matter if one is a breeder with new and cutting-edge novelties and introductions, a grower seeking to showcase the latest varietals, a floral designer seeking to collaborate on floral design projects, or just anyone with an idea in the flower industry seeking to collaborate with others, myThursd offers all these on a single seamless and efficient platform. Here’s how (and why) you should join the platform.

The myThursd platform, practically, connects one with a global network of floral professionals since it brings together a diverse community of individuals from all corners of the industry. This presents a chance for one to network with talented designers, influential bloggers, innovative breeders, and established traders. It, accordingly, helps in expanding one’s reach and building valuable connections.

On the platform, one has the prospect of discovering exciting project opportunities. Whether one is a floral creative seeking inspiration or a breeder looking for the perfect collaborator, myThursd offers an overabundance of project opportunities. Through the platform, one can browse a range of exciting ventures, find the perfect fit for their skills and interests, and bring their creative vision to life. Thus, be it a project you’re interested in pitching, sourcing exclusive floral novelties, or simply networking with like-minded industry players, this platform offers an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Florist Kazi Sagar who is already on myThursd.
Photo by @florist_kazi_sagar

With myThursd, you also get inspired by different flower industry leaders. The 2024 IFTEX will, definitely, host prominent individuals and industry experts who will share their floral insights and expertise, especially on the trending topic of sustainability. Did you know that you can connect with some of these key individuals through myThursd? Basically, the platform provides a platform to engage with some of these thought leaders, learn from them, and gain valuable knowledge that can propel your floral career.

Also, through myThursd, you’re offered a stage to shine in whichever floral trade you specialize in. You could be a seasoned florist, an aspiring flower designer, or a creative floral influencer or writer, and the platform allows you to showcase your work, build your brand and reputation, and connect with potential clients and collaborators!

Chic Fleuriste owner Laura Draghici who is also on myThursd. Photo by @chic_fleuriste

With all that in mind, during your tour of IFTEX 2024, how about you create time to explore the myThursd universe because… where else would you find all these benefits under one (platform) roof?

Make Plans to Attend This Special Event

Even so, IFTEX has long been celebrated as a premier showcase of the very premium in the flower industry, and its finest. It is a stage where floral innovation, creativity, and excellence converge in one mix.

This year, with the arrival of myThursd, there’ll, definitely, be a lot more to be excited about. So, make plans to attend and experience the future of the floral industry taking center stage, and how it shapes up.

You can learn more about myThursd at the Thursd booth F1.14 at the IFTEX.

Source: Thursd.




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