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Viking Roses at IFTEX 2024

Published: April 16, 2024

1300 Years ago, people reacted “Watch out, the Vikings are landing!” Today, it’s “Look out for the Vikings, they are landing, delivering beauty and happiness in Scandinavian design!!”

After some early successes, the floral art and design department in Denmark is now experiencing a breakthrough under creative director ‘Ruthless Rosa’. Her new creations are finding their way to prominent producers in the industry and can soon be found in homes with a preference for artistic Scandinavian design, pure beauty. “One look, one smell and the nonsense of plastic flowers is made history,” Rosa affirms, “Vikings can be grown with a minimal footprint and maximum satisfaction.”

‘Jolly Johnny’, the Dutch Viking responsible for licensing and marketing, saw the boost in corona-times: “After 10 years I saw them appear in the trials, premium sprays with big garden-type flowers, now being commercially planted. And, astonishingly, the last year, also highly productive retail standards.”

The first group he named Rosa Loves Me®, the second Rosa’s Amazing®. The Rosa Loves Me® family clearly shows the garden rose genetics, one of the two bases for Rosa’s breeding, the second being pot roses, expressed in the productivity of Rosa’s Amazing®. The disease resistance of the parents and great parents has found its way into both families.

“When I joined the Vikings nearly two years ago, I thought patience was needed. We set up our trial house in Nakuru and it has been hectic ever since, with batches of new codes coming in three times per
year and especially budwood management. Every stem of the selections already has a destination.”

Kenyan Viking selection and marketing manager ‘Ruthless Angie’ is on it, 24/7: Angeline Abuti, Angeline@VikingRoses.com, Mobile: +254-789-860-165.

Come and experience samples of the following Rosa’s Amazing®and Rosa Loves Me® at IFTEX 2024, stand A2.08.

Rosa’s Amazing®

Rosa’s Amazing®
Rosa’s Amazing®
Pink Wink (VIK-20-112-X)
Rosa’s Amazing®
Yellow Wink (VIK-20-137-X)
Rosa’s Amazing®
Celebrating Heather (VIK-20-233-X)
Rosa’s Amazing®
Salmon Wink (VIK-S-21-125-X)

Rosa Loves Me®

The two-stems-per bunch spray rose Rosa Loves Me® Inger Kristine is cheering up more and more homes for weeks at a time.
Rosa Loves Me® Paula’s Champagne Delight has a similar stunning shipping quality and vase life to its sister ‘Inger Kristine’. Available.
‘A rose would be sweet by any other name’, but this design spray only knows one: majestic. Presently being planted by different farms in Kenya with the first flowers available: Rosa Loves Me® under a Majestic Sunrise.
Magnetic beauty of Danish design: Rosa Loves Me® with Fatal Attraction. Being planted.
A star is born. Yes, it’s a spray. Rosa Loves Me® Under the Stars. ‘Brand’ new, being planted.
Unleashed beauty in a single stem of the spray. Rosa Loves Me® Beyond Venus, being planted and available soon. A true head turner.
Every bride’s dream, fragrant and available at the wedding florist:
Rosa Loves Me®
Yes, I Do (VIK-18-027-P)

For more Scandinavian design, check out the story of the second Viking landing on www.VikingRoses.com. Meet Angeline and John at IFTEX 2024, Stand A2.08.




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