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Seizing Opportunities: The 2024 International Floriculture Trade Exhibition (IFTEX)

Published: April 23, 2024

Kenya’s flower business is booming big time! It’s been exporting loads of flowers, catching the eyes of buyers all around the world. And right in the middle of all this success is IFTEX 2024, a super important event that’s going to push the flower industry even further and totally change how we trade fresh cut flowers.

Riding the Trendy Wave

In the crazy world of global business, keeping up with what’s hot is super important. Kenya’s been rocking it in the flower game, exporting more and more flowers every year. Stats say Kenya’s flower exports have been growing by over 5% each year for the past decade! That’s a big deal! And if you’re a savvy buyer, you know it’s key to keep up with the latest trends. IFTEX is where it’s at to see all the cool new stuff, from eco-friendly packaging to smarter farming methods.

A Show of Awesome Flowers

Kenya’s got the perfect climate and soil for growing all kinds of amazing flowers. From classic roses to lively carnations, Kenya’s farms churn out a huge variety of blooms that suit every taste and event. IFTEX is like a candy store for flower lovers, with tons of roses, lilies, gerberas, and more, all grown to perfection by Kenya’s top growers. Whether you’re after the classics or rare finds, IFTEX has got you covered to impress your customers with top-notch flowers.

Building Profitable Friendships

In today’s global market, making friends with the right people is gold. IFTEX is the place to be to meet and greet big shots in the industry, have deep chats, and maybe strike some awesome deals with top growers, exporters, and other important folks. With Kenya’s flower exports skyrocketing, now’s the perfect time to team up and grow together.

Embracing New Tech

Tech is everywhere nowadays, even in flowers! From super precise farming tricks to fancy systems for handling flowers after they’re picked, technology is changing the flower game big time. At IFTEX, you’ll dive into a world of high-tech gadgets and cool ideas that are totally shaking up the flower biz. Learn from the pros, check out the newest farming gear, and see how tech can make everything from growing to selling flowers way better.

Get Ready for IFTEX 2024!

IFTEX 2024 is going to be a huge bash celebrating Kenya’s amazing flowers and its journey to the top of the flower trade world. Come join us as we celebrate the beauty, variety, and eco-friendliness of Kenyan flowers, and get ready for a wild ride of discovery and innovation that’s going to shape the flower business for years to come. Circle the date, plan your trip, and get set for an amazing event that’s going to kickstart a whole new era in the flower world!




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