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Click on a company name in the list below to read more about that company. When you click on the stand number the floor plan will open indicating where that stand is on the floorplan.

# Company Stand Country
1 4More Technology B5.06 Netherlands
2 Agro-Check A1.30 Netherlands
3 Agrogana B3.12 Ecuador
4 Ai2 A1.30 Netherlands
5 Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo A2.29 Netherlands
6 Aircargo.nl B.V. B1.01 Netherlands
7 Alexandra Farms A1.15 Colombia
8 Alkavat / Valle Verde B2.32 Ecuador
9 ANCEF B2.22 Italy
10 Anniroses A5.20 Ecuador
11 Aquila Flowers C3.37 Kenya
12 ARC C3.26 France
13 Ball / PAS A4.02 USA
14 Barile Flowers Service A2.31 Italy
15 BellaRosa / Qualisa B4.16 Ecuador
16 Bercomex Flower Processing Solutions A4.12 Netherlands
17 Biancheri Creazioni B4.12 Italy
18 Bosman Van Zaal B1.05 Netherlands
19 BOT Flowerbulbs B3.35 Netherlands
20 Chrysal International B2.41 Netherlands
21 Ciesse Flower Export s.r.l. B5.16 Italy
22 Coloríginz B2.29 Netherlands
23 Continental Breeding C4.06 Spain
24 Daoflowers C1.05 United Kingdom
25 De Ruiter Innovations A1.02 Netherlands
26 Debets Schalke A1.31 Netherlands
27 Denkers Shipping B.V. - Denkers Chile S.p.A. C2.01 Netherlands
28 DS Hortitrade A1.31 Netherlands
29 E.G. Hill A5.04 USA
30 EFGAZ C2.13 Zimbabwe
31 Elgon Collection C2.14 Kenya
32 Ercolano Flora - Green Italy B2.21 Italy
33 Esmeralda Farms B4.11 Ecuador
34 Eternal Flower A2.23 Ecuador
35 Evanthia B.V. A3.33 Netherlands
36 FEX B.V. B3.32 Netherlands
37 Flexin SRL B2.23 Italy
38 Flora Toscana Soc. Agr. Coop. C2.03 Italy
39 Florensis A4.02 Netherlands
40 Flores Prisma S.A., C.I. B4.02 Colombia
41 Flores Verdes B1.15 Ecuador
42 FlorSani B5.02 Ecuador
43 Florsistemi A2.31 Italy
44 Flowers Express SRL B2.23 Italy
45 Flowers of Colombia / Asocolflores B2.19 Colombia
46 Flowex B.V. B2.23 Netherlands
47 Four Seasons Quality B.V. B2.14 Netherlands
48 FreshPortal Software B.V. B1.41 Netherlands
49 Geerlofs Refrigeration B1.25 Netherlands
50 Grupo Hoja Verde A3.14 Ecuador
51 Haakman Flowerbulbs B.V. C3.26 Netherlands
52 Hans van der Poel B.V. C3.26 Netherlands
53 Havatec BV C3.26 Netherlands
54 HilverdaFlorist B.V. C3.16 Netherlands
55 Holex Flower B.V. B2.42 Netherlands
56 Hortimat B4.34 Netherlands
57 Hortus Supplies International A4.14 Netherlands
58 Hypot C3.41 South Korea
59 IAA-Fresh C2.11 Netherlands
60 IMPEX Flowers C2.24 Ecuador
61 Import Promotion Desk (IPD) B3.20, B5.34 Germany
62 Invos Flowers A5.10 Colombia
63 IPHandlers D5.26 Netherlands
64 Jamafa Group B.V. B5.30 Netherlands
65 Jan Spek Rozen A2.02 Netherlands
66 Kenya Flower Council C2.18 Kenya
67 Kolster B.V. A2.23 Netherlands
68 Könst Alstroemeria B.V. B4.22 Netherlands
69 Kuehne + Nagel B1.19 Netherlands
70 La Gaitana Farms S.A. A1.28 Colombia
71 La Rosaleda B5.10 Ecuador
72 Liguria Blumen A4.25 Italy
73 Liquid Seal B3.08 Netherlands
74 Loginet Srl. B2.21 Italy
75 Logiztik Alliance Group A1.26 Ecuador
76 Manuchar Agro C2.25 Belgium
77 Mecaflor B4.28 France
78 Meilland International A1.14 France
79 Milagro A4.24 Colombia
80 Milestone Fresh C1.24 Netherlands
81 Morgan Cargo C2.15 Netherlands
82 MPS B2.43 Holland
83 Muller Bloemzaden B.V. A5.02 Netherlands
84 Mzurrie Flowers C2.20 Kenya
85 Naranjo Roses Group B3.22 Ecuador
86 Native Blooms B4.30 Ecuador
87 Natuflor B2.02 Ecuador
88 Natura Eterna B4.28 Ecuador
89 OZ Export B1.27 Netherlands
90 P.J. Dave Flora C3.36 Kenya
91 P.J. Dave Group C3.25 Kenya
92 Pagter Innovations A2.32 Netherlands
93 Panjin Dragon Plastic Products Co., Ltd. C5.06 China
94 Ponte Tresa Group A5.23 Ecuador
95 Presh Tech / Vermeille A1.27 Germany
96 Regione Campania A3.02 Italy
97 Rhenus Fresh A5.12 Netherlands
98 Rosadex C1.21 Ecuador
99 Rosalink b.v. C2.18 Netherlands
100 Rosaprima A5.25 Ecuador
101 RoseAmor B2.17 Netherlands
102 Roses Forever ApS B2.24 Denmark
103 Roto Flowers B.V. A2.24 Netherlands
104 Royal Brinkman B4.06 Netherlands
105 Royal FloraHolland C2.02 Netherlands
106 SAFTEC C4.12 Ecuador
107 Selecta Cut Flowers, S.A.U. B2.25 Spain
108 Sian Roses C3.22 Kenya
109 Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) C3.04 USA
110 Star Roses A3.04 Ecuador
111 Steenvoorden A2.28 Netherlands
112 Stelzner / Pronova A5.26 Germany
113 Straathof Young Plants B2.36 Netherlands
114 SV Blumen Express B2.23 Germany
115 Takii Europe B.V. B2.03 Netherlands
116 The Elite Flower B2.02 Colombia
117 The Flower Hub C3.10 Kenya
118 Turflor S.A. C1.21 Colombia
119 Turkish Cargo C2.25 Turkey
120 Turkish Flower Group A2.14 Turkey
121 Turkish Ornamental Plants Exporters Association C2.10 Turkey
122 UFO Supplies B.V. B3.02 Netherlands
123 Union Fleurs C1.03 Belgium
124 Van Egmond Lisianthus B3.18 Netherlands
125 Vaselife B5.18 Netherlands
126 Verdissimo SA B3.24 Spain
127 VERMAKO Bvba A1.25 Belgium
128 Vianen Flowers B.V. B1.31 Netherlands
129 VIFRA S.r.l. B1.09 Italy
130 Viking Roses ApS B2.24 Denmark
131 Violeta Flowers A2.27 Ecuador
132 Vista Pack C1.19 Belarus
133 Weber Cooling C1.17 Netherlands
134 Zabo Plant A1.11 Netherlands
135 Zena Roses A5.06 Kenya
136 Zoe et Fluer B4.18 China



Wednesday Nov. 3, 2021
10:00 hrs. - 19:00 hrs.
Thursday Nov. 4, 2021
10:00 hrs. - 19:00 hrs.
Friday Nov. 5, 2021
10:00 hrs. - 17:00 hrs.

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